We serve clients worldwide providing brand photography for powerful go getters changing the world and lifestyle photography for people who appreciate the imperfections. Our photography is artful, thoughtful and modern.  We will coach you through the process and work with you to create incredible images. 

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We are the team of experts who see and understand you, and will help you bring your gifts to the world. 

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“Jenny is a gem. I felt at ease and able to be myself in her presence. It was clear that she truly saw me, and that her goal was to capture my essence, rather than trying to make me look a certain way at the expense of my authenticity.”


Jenny earned her BA in Art History from University of Virginia and has since invested in her craft with ongoing classes in digital photography and design at the Art Institute. Since launching her studio in 2010, Jenny’s struck a balance between meticulous preparation and leaving room for spontaneity in a shoot. Her favorite part of her work is capturing human emotions in unscripted moments. Over the last decade, she’s been mentored by a variety of commercial and portrait photographers. Brand photography is Jenny’s favorite avenue to tackle creative challenges, explore her artistry, and support people doing good work in the world.

Jenny Moloney

Things I'm into right now:

cold Ocean Plunges
wood stove Saunas
Tandem Coffee
Barre + YOGA
and anything else that reminds me to find the beauty in the moment.

With her knack for connecting with people, Jenny specializes in brands doing purposeful work in the world. She’s photographed inspiring and successful entrepreneurs including Mel Robbins, Tamsen Fadal, and Kate Northrup. Her work has been featured internationally. Jenny works closely with creative teams to create imagery that is both on-brand and unexpected. She has an instinct for what works and leverages tension to make every shot memorable. Her style is fluid, moving gracefully from raw to refined to capture the breadth and nuance of the human on the other side of the lens. 

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